We are happy to offer the perfect opportunity for early adopters of Digital Names.

TNS Digital Names

Your crypto public keys made easy-to-remember

Digital Names do away with confusion in your crypto transactions!

Gone are the days of wallet confusion, and crypto mix ups. With just a single $name, we’ve brought it all together for you. Digital Names do for e-wallets sending or receiving any cryptocurrency what Domain Names did for the scale-up of websites on the internet.

As demand grows within the cryptocurrency community, Digital Names solves an exact need in the community by giving people an option to use an easy to remember Digital Name which will translate to any given public key or wallet address supplied by the owner of the Digital Name.

Within the member control panel, Digital Name owners can easily configure their name to resolve to any public key or wallet address on any crypto wallet system they choose.

A Digital Name can be your real name, your nickname, any fictional name or even your store or business name.

Safe and Secure Platform

Your Digital Name is an alias for your public key and is built on top of existing blockchain networks. Triple level security combined with notifications for every wallet transaction ensures that all your information is protected. We will never ask for your private key.

Trusted Team & Technology

Digital Names Founder Frank Corsi was instrumental in the development of the world wide web in the early 90’s and helped to draft many of the internet top level domain protocols.

The Digital Address Book

When you buy a Digital Name, this name and the public crypto keys it is linked to appear in our web based Address Book. It an online directory for all members of the Digital Names user community.

Earn Commision As An Affiliate

Digital Names Affiliate Marketing Program Get paid to spread your influence. Sign-up now and earn 10% off every person referred that buys a digital name.

Access your Digital Names account from the Client Area link. Select the "Affiliate" link from the top menu.

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